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General Flip Ideas for Students & Teachers

  1. Icebreakers. Introduce yourself with a video.
  2. Set Expectations. What do you hope to learn in class this year?
  3. End-of-Year Reflections. What did you learn this year?
  4. Featured Student. Celebrate what makes the current student-of-the-week special.
  5. Exit Tickets. Tell one thing you learned in class today or answer an exit ticket prompt.
  6. School Pride. What makes your school great?
  7. Show-And-Tell. Record a show-and-tell video about anything!
  8. Ted Talk. Become an expert on a topic and give your own Ted Talk.
  9. Daily News. Record daily announcements or school news as quick videos.
  10. Show What You Know. Before you begin a new unit, record a video sharing what you already know about it.
  11. Reflect on Learning. After completing a unit, fill in the blanks: “I used to think ______ but now I know _____”.
  12. AHA Moments. Share a moment when you suddenly understood something or learned a fact that’s important to you.
  13. Conduct Interviews. Record an interview with a family member, friend, or school staff member.
  14. Pose a Riddle. Post a riddle and have kids record their answers, then pose their own riddle in return.

Reading Flip Ideas for Students

  1. Sing the ABCs. Give your best performance of the ABC song.
  2. Practice Beginning Sounds. Make a video for a letter, showing items from around your classroom or house that start with that letter.
  3. Read Aloud. Record yourself reading out loud for teachers and parents to see your progress.
  4. Favorite Reading Spot. Show your favorite place to curl up with a book and explain what makes it special.

English Language Arts Flip Ideas for Students

  1. Read Aloud to Others. Older kids read their favorite storybook out loud for younger kids to watch.
  2. Favorite Character. Who’s your favorite character and why?
  3. Who Dunnit? Before you finish reading a book, predict the ending.
  4. Vocabulary Word Wall. Make a video to help other students learn the definition of a vocab word.
  5. Meaningful Quotes. What’s your favorite quote from a book, and why?
  6. Tell a story. Start a story, then have each student record the next 30 seconds. So much fun to listen to when it’s done!
  7. Sell a Book. Make a commercial to “sell” other students on why they should read a book you love.
  8. Recite a Poem. Recite your favorite poem with gestures (and even costumes!). Bonus: Write a new poem to recite.
  9. Video Book Club. Pose questions and record video answers about a book the class is reading.
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