Как да направим подготовката за състезанието интересна?

Някои дейности, подходящи както за редовните часове, така и за извънкласните форми на обучение.

All the Words I know

Back to Back Spelling

Erasing Relay

Secret Word

Spelling Contest


Basketball: Write some of the study words on pieces of paper and fold them in half. Divide the class into two teams; students from each team take a turn picking a card, and read the word to the other team to spell. If the team spells the word correctly, they get to keep their card and students take a shot at the trash can/box/etc. The team gains a point for each word spelled correctly and an additional point if they get the shot. Alternate back and forth between teams while rotating students.

Ball toss: Have all students sit in a circle. Use a soft ball and toss it to one student, and ask the student to spell a given word. If he spells it correctly then the student throws the ball to another student and  asks him to spell a new word. If the student you threw the ball misspells the word, then he/she is out. And the game keeps going until you have one winner.

Last Letter, First Letter: Teacher starts by saying a word, then the students must make a word that starts with the last letter of the word that the teacher said (e.g. battallloveeat — etc.).

Make Words Game: Write a few random letters on the board. Have the students work in pairs/small groups to make up as many words from the letters as possible (e.g. letters: g, h, a, t, p, e, c. Possible words: cat, peg, tea, hat, get, etc.). The team with the most words is the winner.

Make Your Own Sentence: In this cool activity students use the letters in vocabulary words to create sentences. Example: GLOVE – Great Learners Overcome Vocabulary Exercises. It is a great way to memorize the spelling of difficult words.

Word Jar: When new words from the word list are introduced, write them on a slip of paper and add to Word Jar. Start the lesson with choosing 5 students to pick a word from the jar. One students at a time reads their word, class chants the spelling.

Stories from vocabulary: Get each student to write a word from the study list on the board. In groups they then have ten minutes to write a coherent story using all the words correctly. The stories can then be displayed for the other groups to read and decide which is the best.

Spelling_Classroom_Activities EN.pdf

Speed Spelling (submitted by PCV Katelyn Martens)

Speed Spelling.pdf And check out Katelyn’s blog site post that includes videos of the game. Speed Spelling Post